Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's a Daffodil!!

I've been closely (and slowly) watching this flower as it grew in my back bed...
I could NOT figure out what the heck it was going to be! Well, it's open now and it's a bunch of yellow daffodils!!
I planted them last fall, but in the FRONT of the house!! Not 20 minutes after I planted them though, something had dug everything back up!!! (probably a squirrel or chipmunk)
I mumbled some not so nice things under my breath, covered the bulbs back up, and prayed for the best....LOL. Well, whatever it was must have dug the daffodil bulbs up and re-planted them in the back! I'm still patiently waiting to see what (if anything) is going to come up in the front!!
Either way, they sure are pretty!



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